What you need to know on the Connected Legal Certification

Let’s talk about the Connected Legal Certification, the framework devoloped by LawVu that expands the skillset of in-house legal professionals who want to be more productive, engaged, and impactful. Above all, who want to reiman valued partners to the business while optimizing performance, managing complexity, and dealing with large volumes of work.

“The Connected Legal Certification assists in-house legal professionals achieve what they moved in-house to do by connecting them to their work, to the business, and better enabling them to demonstrate the value they add to business outcomes. In a nutshell, it helps them to realize their reasons for practicing as an in-house lawyer,” said Shaun Plant, LawVu’s Chief Evangelist.

Who needs this

The Connected Legal Certification is relevant to all in-house professionals, whether they are the first general counsel, a sole in-house counsel, an in-house lawyer in a larger team, a seasoned legal leader, or a head of legal operations. It covers everything from soft skills like change management to more practical ones like how to design your intake system, all within an interactive platform with videos, quizzes, and downloadable templates to help you take action right away.

How it works

Step 1. Optimize Productivity and get on top of workload, manage complexity, and free up time by learning how to:

  • minimize legal waste
  • build legal capital
  • collect and surface data
  • prioritize workflow
  • collaborate effectively with the legal team

Step 2.  Optimize Engagement to understand business context and build collaborative relationships with the business and:

  • collaborate with the wider business
  • establish trust with stakeholders
  • understand business functions and organizational context
  • build the business’ understanding of legal
  • change management

Step 3. Be Proactive and take the extra time you’ve saved in Steps 1 and 2 to become more embedded in the business, get ahead of issues before they arise, and:

  • empower the business to involve legal early
  • pre-empt legal requirements and manage resource ahead of time;
  • establish continuous optimization

Step 4: Focus on Impact and learn how to drive business outcomes and showcase legal’s value to the business so you can maximize the legal team’s impact.