Legalcommunity and Inhousecommunity (LC Publishing Group) in collaboration with the Milan Chamber of Arbitration carried out this research in the first half of 2020 with the aim of tracing a profile of the arbitration instrument in Italy today.

Thanks to the valuable contribution of the General and Legal Counsel of the main companies operating in Italy, collected through the administration of a questionnaire and the carrying out of some interviews, the report brings out and analyzes the main expectations, critical issues, expected developments and desired of its users.

When we talk about change in the legal profession, we discuss about innovation and technology. Daring concepts, strangers to the national forensic tradition.

This book was born to respond to a widespread need for understanding and answers. What is really happening in the market? What does innovation mean? In how many ways can the concept be declined in the area of legal services? What place has the technology in all of this? Which role can it really play in the upcoming years? And what about artificial intelligence? What will the new competitive scenario be? And which characteristics the lawyers able to compete in the future will have?

A punctual chronicle that explains the role played in this season not only by the law firms, but also by the start-ups, the legal tech companies, the alternative legal service providers, the big fours and especially customers.

An in-depth journalistic analysis that for the first time addresses the theme from an Italian perspective. Not theories, but facts and figures that show how the future that is so much talked about is, in fact, already present.

They are the protagonists of a market worth more than EUR 2 billion a year. Their studies represent the professional infrastructure on which the economy of the country is based. They are lawyers who have also learned to be entrepreneurs, creating complex, multidisciplinary and international organizations.

This book tells about the Italian business lawyers and the leading firms of the 2006 – 2016 decade. This time frame has radically changed the sector with the arrival of the Anglo-Saxon law firms and the birth of the great national studios and superboutiques.

«What we have witnessed – writes Nicola Di Molfetta – was a sort of Twentieth Century of the profession in which, in fact, we passed from telegraph to world wide web».

This is an indispensable testimony to understand the dynamics that have guided the evolution of this sector through the stories of its main actors.

Under the lens, the relationships, projects, strategies and backgrounds of a still little known professional élite.