Do you like what your outside firm is telling you? Survey says “sometimes.”

Law firms are competing harder for a smaller pot of business these days, as in-house legal departments either shoulder more of the routine work or find legal providers they can offload the work onto. They have slick websites full of often-useful information, they send out client notes, and they’ve hired platoons of marketing specialists to fine tune their messages.

But do you read any of it? A survey by the press relations firm Greentarget and consultants at the Zeughauser Group have just released their “2019 State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey,” and it’s given us some interesting reading. One takeaway: In-house attorneys and their business side colleagues don’t always agree on what makes them click. Lawyers tend to go for the immediately useful, while other executives tend to look more at the source, or the visual and headline appeal of the communication. C-suite execs love charts; lawyers prefer articles.

What do they agree on? In the words of the survey authors, “Nearly two-thirds think law firm content is “very good to excellent,” and “recommendations from trusted sources matter most in researching firms for potential hire.” Everyone also agrees that content that is too “salesy” misses the mark and makes the clients less likely to favor that firm. And despite Donald Trump’s branding of traditional media as a public enemy, both lawyers and executives trust content from trusted media sources.

You can download the report here, to see if your preferences line up with your counterparts elsewhere.

Do you like what your outside firm is telling you? Survey says “sometimes.”

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