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Ben Heineman founded the modern American law department. Sure, in- house legal departments existed before his arrival at General Electric Co. in 1987, but they weren’t the equivalent of big-firm legal powerhouses, as many of them are today. Heineman built

Alesch Staehelin just got out of school. Not literally—he’s been a lawyer for a couple of decades. But he left the U.S. tech colossus IBM Corp. for private practice at TIMES Attorneys in Zürich, Switzerland. Staehelin, who specializes in law

Joana Roucayrol, group general counsel at S.T. Dupont, tells inhousecommunityus.com how a single lawyer manages a company’s legal needs. "In France we say that being a lawyer is not a job, but a state." This is how our conversation with Joana Roucayrol, group general counsel at S.T.

We interviewed the celebrated law futurologist Richard Susskind about the future of the practice of law. He's known for being a provocative iconoclast, and he did not disappoint. You said that it is vital that lawyers learn to work along new

How to measure the added value of the legal department within the company is a headache for many CEOs—and for general counsel, too. It is now widely recognized, even by the most skeptical, that having an in-house lawyer brings numerous advantages

NetApp may be overshadowed by splashier tech companies in the public eye these days, but its mission lies at the center of the high-tech universe: data storage. With companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google all pushing their cloud computing


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