martedì 17 set 2019


Jonathan Marsh’s attention is increasingly being diverted towards Iberia. In his role as international general counsel at the Paris-based energy company Total, Marsh (in the photo above) will soon be launching a process to create Total legal panels for different

Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith was, at the time of his promotion, charged with changing the software giant's tough reputation, either in litigation or how it competed in the marketplace. At the same time, Smith frequently speaks

Efficient legal services. Reviewing the internal organizational machine and the system for assigning external mandates. It's then mantra for legal affairs directors. But the approach varies from company to company. And the world ends up being divided between those who

WNET’s general counsel Bob Feinberg says legal work has gotten more complicated as content is streamed onto more platforms Nonprofit organizations have a lot of influence these days. Museums, advocacy groups and universities all have millions and often billions of dollars

Edgar Miller may sound like an unusual name for someone who heads the legal function for an Italian company, Rome, Italy-based Enel Green Power (EGP). But it’s a sign that Italian companies, like business everywhere, have spread far beyond their

Mohamed Elmogy, general counsel of Siemens in Egypt, is part of a matrixed department that pulls all legal work together WHAT IS IT LIKE to work as a lawyer in an outpost of a giant multinational? If you ask Mohamed Elmogy,


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