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Searching for the best talent is never easy. Talk to Leonor Pissarra, country chief legal officer for Portugal at the Big Pharma company Novartis, and she will tell you that recruiting lawyers with an in-depth knowledge of the sector is

If this site points you to something interesting we've seen, it's usually a print article. But today's reading club features a video, part of a series that the firm Morrison & Foerster has been presenting for clients and those interested

Antonino “Nino” Cusimano is a prime example of the modern global general counsel, 2019 model. His education spans two continents and countries, with a law degree in Italy followed by a Fulbright exchange program in the United States. Cusimano did

Ben Heineman founded the modern American law department. Sure, in- house legal departments existed before his arrival at General Electric Co. in 1987, but they weren’t the equivalent of big-firm legal powerhouses, as many of them are today. Heineman built

Alesch Staehelin just got out of school. Not literally—he’s been a lawyer for a couple of decades. But he left the U.S. tech colossus IBM Corp. for private practice at TIMES Attorneys in Zürich, Switzerland. Staehelin, who specializes in law

Joana Roucayrol, group general counsel at S.T. Dupont, tells inhousecommunityus.com how a single lawyer manages a company’s legal needs. "In France we say that being a lawyer is not a job, but a state." This is how our conversation with Joana Roucayrol, group general counsel at S.T.


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