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Simon Zinger, group general counsel at Dentsu, tells Inhousecommunityus.com his idea of ​​an oath - similar to the one of Hippocrates for doctors - for all corporate lawyers, to elevate themselves to guides for positive change inside and outside their

This changes everything. That was the mantra back in 2008 when the financial markets collapsed, and the futurists in the legal field said that the relationship between clients and law firms was changed forever. No longer would general counsel pay

We talk to Brad Blickstein about how artificial intelligence legal software will affect in-house departments, and the evolution of in-house work. Legal departments aren’t immune to fads. General counsel look at what other legal departments are doing, and they talk to

Riche McKnight has, for an in-house lawyer, a dream job. Perhaps we should say “jobs.” He’s the deputy general counsel of the colossal entertainment agency Endeavor. And he’s the general counsel of one of its divisions, the martial arts extravaganza,

After 17 years at the helm of Intesa Sanpaolo's legal and litigation department, Elisabetta Lunati, one of Italy's most influential corporate lawyers, retired this summer. The former group general counsel has remained available for any needs of the bank and

Some legal departments are reactive—they handle litigation and the various legal matters that come into the inbox. Others are constantly rethinking how they work—for them, it’s constant revolution. BT plc’s legal department falls into this category. Its lawyers are constantly


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