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“In Pliny’s Shoes” is a blog we will be publishing in inhousecommunity.us dedicated to the world of in-house counsels. Our objective is to create a space where to find out more about the work of general counsels and current legal topics thanks to the experience, the voice and the pen of Ricardo Cortés-Monroy, the worldwide chief legal officer at the Nestlé Group headquartered in Switzerland, during 2010-2019. Ricardo is currently a senior vice president at Nestlé and pursues as well a Classical Antiquity master degree at The Open University in the UK. He lives in Blonay, in the French part of Switzerland together with his family.

(by Ricardo Cortés-Monroy) I am currently involved in a fascinating project at the university where I study the Classical Antiquity field. It concerns exploring the extent to which representations of women in Augustan literature can be seen as exempla. The time

(by Ricardo Cortés-Monroy) There are many reasons why it is a good (excellent) practice to regularly review your company’s panel of preferred law firms and external counsel. And there are better ways to do it compared to some years ago.

(by Ricardo Cortés-Monroy) During this week I am completing a quite difficult essay for The Open University, Faculty of Humanities, regarding the extent to which Aeneas is the master of his own fate in the Aeneid.

by Ricardo Cortés-Monroy - The end of the calendar year usually brings a number of very interesting events led by professional associations. This year was no exception, albeit most were by teleconferencing systems of course. We tend to take a bit

(by Ricardo Cortés-Monroy) During the period covering the middle Republic and the Principate, the Roman ruling elite had established what is known as the cursus honorum. A mostly unavoidable sequential order of public offices to be held by aspiring politicians informally

by Ricardo Cortés-Monroy - Don’t you get the feeling that politics is omnipresent? That the political lens has invaded everything and everywhere? Few topics can be discussed without somebody in your entourage looking at it through an ideological -even partisan- prism

by Ricardo Cortés-Monroy «His only fault is that he has no fault» is the famous quote that, allegedly, Pliny the Younger stated in the first century A.D. (for the purists: I have not been able to find it in his surviving

(by Ricardo Cortés-Monroy) « Amicitiae tam superiores quam minores » (Pliny the Younger, Letter 7.3). When a couple of weeks ago I was deepening my study of the Roman institution of patronage, I encountered this revealing phrase of Pliny the Younger.

As the economic and business pandemic driven multi-faceted difficulties become part of a revised “new normal”, many General Counsel continue to face new challenges in their day-to-day operations.

The staggering, shocking, figures we have seen the last days reveal an unprecedented rise of unemployment in most economies in the world.

The season of Q1 2020 results, earnings calls, investors updates and -crucially- forward looking statements has started in earnest for listed companies. The past few days have seen some and the upcoming weeks will see a myriad more.

by Ricardo Cortés-Monroy Gratias tibi sounds like an appropriate way to start this new column. Gratias tibi LC Publishing Group for keeping the in-house community and the legal profession connected. Gratias tibi for providing many of us with thought provoking platforms


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