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Healthcare compliance report finds areas of concern

Healthcare compliance report finds areas of concern

The international risk analyst firm SAI Global has released its 2018 healthcare industry compliance report, and the results are mixed. Static budgets, a lack of independent measurement and data security all continue to be challenges, says the report, released last week.

Some conclusions of the report, done together with Strategic Management Services, should be weighed in light of the source—a firm that examines risk programs—might give compliance professionals pause. There historically has been a gap between compliance programs that look good on paper, and their effectiveness in the real world. Enron Corp., for example, was judged to have a good program before it was forced to report that it issued highly inaccurate financial reports.

Some specifics:

  • 50 percent of the respondents said that their budgets would remain static, 25 expected increases, while 10 percent were looking to make cuts (the rest were unsure);
  • Program effectiveness remained a top priority, as was compliance training. Policy and managing investigations was named as a high priority by about a third of the respondents;
  • HIPAA data security moved into first place in terms of high priority by 64 percent of respondents. SAI says that recent data breaches contributed to that perception.
  • Respondents still rely on checklists and similar tools to measure effectiveness. When they do crunch data, much of the work is done internally, rather than by a disinterested third party.


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