The general counsel in the age of Covid-19 is more than just a lawyer

It’s not exactly news to most general counsel that they’re not just doing what lawyers do. In the best of times, they’re crisis managers, business advisers, IT professionals, and HR advisers. But nothing brings that to the fore like a genuine crisis. And the Covid-19 pandemic certainly qualifies.

Olga Mack of the contract management vendor Parley Pro has authored an article on Bloomberg Law that helps todays GC navigate the latest crisis. She stresses that we’re in unfamiliar territory and most top lawyers will have to delve deep into their multifaceted skill set to get through this uncertain time. You can read the entire article here. But we’ve distilled it for those of you who don’t have the time, and added a couple of suggestions of our own.

  • First, collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. And not only with your legal team. The challenges, such as cratering demand and a workforce that’s dispersed and either working at home or idle, will require the cooperation of everyone in the organization.
  • Be up to speed on work processes. Know who does what, not only on your team, but throughout the company. And once you’ve done that, try to figure out how you can improve these processes. Pull in data experts to help you out.
  • Make sure your processes are efficient. You can’t help others if your team itself doesn’t work together well. Use the tools you’ve got, and tap your artificial intelligence capabilities, if you’ve got them, to clear time and mind space for others’ needs.


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