Tuesday - 2020/11/24

The company named 20 year gaming industry legal executive, Harper Ko (pictured), who will serve as Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary as of 2021.

Oxholm brings more than 20 years of multi-national automotive and transportation experience to the role where he will be responsible for the company’s legal and compliance functions.

(by Ricardo Cortés-Monroy) During the period covering the middle Republic and the Principate, the Roman ruling elite had established what is known as the cursus honorum. A mostly unavoidable sequential order

Dana Remus, who served as general counsel on Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, was named Tuesday the top White House lawyer. Biden announced his selection of Remus as part of slate of

Notion Labs has hired its first general counsel: Hasani Caraway. He comes from the competitor company Zendesk.Caraway is one of five new executives recruited by Notion this November. 




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